The SpaMist Ultrasonic Diffuser

The SpaMist Ultrasonic Diffuser works best in rooms 500 Sq Ft or smaller. Bed rooms, Dorm Rooms, Spa Aromatherapy Rooms, Nursing home rooms and other locations would benefit from this model. This professional air therapy fountain misting diffuser is portable and would be easy to transport.

The latest aromatherapy diffuser products, like this one, utilize ultrasonic technology to disperse aroma particles into the air. This is a highly effective method of diffusing essential oils into the air, one that will not adversely affect the nature of the oil while in use.

This Misting diffuser uses ultrasonic technology to excite water particles, creating negative ions (anions, aka "the vitamins of the air"). These anions are released into the air without the use of any heat elements, and when essential oils are added to the water, they are broken into tiny micro particles that we absorb by inhalation.

This unit is the perfect size for most spaces. It acts as a mini-humidifier, atomizer, ionizer and aromatherapy diffuser. It was created for use with essential oils and will not clog. It is easy to clean and very user friendly. This unit is modestly priced and quite affordable to many.

Uses tap water, DO NOT use Distilled water.

-Product Dimensions: 5.3 x 11 x 5.3 inches
-Safe to use - not heat or flame
-Energy Efficient
-Works quietly
-Add essential oils to create instant aromatherapy - no waiting!
-Use 1-5 drops of essential oil - that's it!! (No waste)
-Six LED color lights (controlled by switch)


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